Month: March 2016

Defensive Biking Workshop April 23, 2016


Are you a biker rider or wannabe bike rider who would like more confidence on the road? Worry no more! TransOptions and the BTCNJ invite you to our fun and informative bicycling workshop for adults. Our Leage of American Bicyclists Cerfited bike coaches will teach you life saving maneuvers and all the need-to-know that will […]

Maintenance Clinic April 16, 2016


Is your bicycle covered with dust from a winter of inactivity? Or, is it grimy from a winter of frigid riding? Either way come to this year’s Maintenance Clinic where you will learn how to shine up it, and how to keep it running smoothly for the 2016 cycling season and beyond. The clinic will […]

President’s Message March 2016


 The World Database of Happiness measures a country’s happiness on a scale of 1 to 10. Most countries score between 5 and 8. The United States ranks 22nd with a score of 7.3. The Dutch score is consistently higher, which could be because the Dutch earn oodles of vacation time, have job security, and receive free health […]

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