Month: January 2017

The Year In Review Needs You!!!


Did you enjoy the 2016 video?  Well there won’t be a 2017 video unless someone takes the reins.  After 4 years, Marc Soloff has retired, and we need someone to fill his size twelves.  Contact Bill at or Marc at if interested. —Bill Telgheder, President  

2016 Volunteers of the Year


Ethan Brook & Barbara Augenblick are longtime BTCNJ Club members. Barbara actually met Ethan as he led her first club ride, and the rest is just history. Ethan is a Past President of the club, and Barbara is a past Board member who handled tours and publicity for many years. Ethan & Barbara write semi-monthly […]

February Membership Meeting


You’ve been biking since your parents got you that shiny new Schwinn with the training wheels and handle bar streamers, and after all these years, there’s nothing you don’t know about riding a bike, right? Well think again, Lance! At the February Membership Meeting, we will have Mara Miller (certified cycling and triathlon coach and 2-time […]

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