2017 Ramapo Rally’s 40th-Year Anniversary

Ramapo Rally Wrap-Up

It was truly an amazing day! I do not think the weather could have been any better. For me, the Rally was the culmination of 8 months of work. I could not have asked for a better ending.Eight months ago, I hardly knew what I would be in for.

It really started to hit home Saturday at around 4 pm that the 40th Ramapo Rally was here. I was sitting outside the Campgaw Lodge looking out onto the Marketplace setup.

For the last 2 days,many people turned that site into a fully functioning stage for the Ramapo Rally. The sun was getting low in the sky, and everything looked really great. The balloons that Chuck Solomon and Cynthia MacVicker put up added a festive feel to the site. Five o’clock Sunday morning, even before the sun came out, Campgaw was alive with all sorts of activities. Everyone was hard at work getting ready for the riders who would be arriving in a few hours. The entire day, the Ramapo Rally was going strong. Surprisingly, my big job for that day was taking out the garbage. Ha! Ha! Sunday evening, when I finally sat down and relaxed, I looked out over the Rally site. All I could think of was Wow! We really had a great Ramapo Rally!

The credit really goes to all the volunteers. Over these past months, I have worked with so many great people. Some of whom I’m sure I drove crazy. Thanks to Bill Telgheder and Alain Chahine for being there. Without their knowledge, I would have been totally lost. To Barbara Augenblick and Ethan Brook, whose Rally insights were invaluable. For Leslie Felsen’s road arrow painting—I must have really driven her crazy! To Jack Carren, for organizing the great lunch venue. For David

Pawlyk’s and Brian Hanson-Harding’s invaluable help with planning the routes. Not to mention all the last-minute pop-up route changes we had to deal with. Then there is Karen Rose, who took care of all the publicity and communications. These are just a few of the volunteers whom I have worked closely with over these last 8 months. ALL of the volunteers contributed a lot of time and energy to making this year’s Ramapo Rally a great success. So let me just say Thanks – to All the Volunteers!

Darrell Moses

David Pawlyk

Dean Scaduto

Debbie Goulian

Debra Hull

Deidre Treitler

Denise Nicolisi

Dennis Moore

Diana Bitritto

Diana Shikiar

Diane Goodwin

Dominick Preziosi

Don Kaplan

Don Kilburn

Doug Chuka

Doug McMahon

Ed Field

Eileen Turner

Elaine Mahnken

Ellen Rader Smith

Eric Bos

Eric Schmidt

Ethan Brook

Fred Mandell

Frida Garcia

Gene Marsh

Gerald McBride

Glenn Barnes

Hank Balle

Harold Todman

Harriet Einschlag

Helen Wallach

Helene Blaustein

Jack Bell

Jack Carren

Jack Kiledjian

Jaqueline DeJean

Jane Porges

Jennifer Clark

Jim Grady

Joan Gregg

Joanie Brickman

Jocelyn Concepcion

John Bleeker

John Wilkes

Julie Grayson

Karen Fattal

Karen Kaplan

Karen Rose

Kathleen Mulvihill

Keith Kaplan

Keith Schlanger

Kurt Spitzbarth

Larry Borowsky

Larry Silverman

Laura B. Lefelar

Laura Haftek

Len Ruvolo

Lenora Cino

Leslie Felsen

Linda Baker

Linda DeWolfe

Linda Krauss

Lindsey Colombo

Loren Soloff

Lori Bleeker

Lorraine Henderson

Lucien Cohen

Magda Luppi

Marc Soloff

Margaret Frizzell

Marion Jacobson

Mark Selz

Mark Simendinger

Mark Swanek

Mary-Ellen Cuneo

Mary Maki

Michael Reingold



Nate Morgenstern

Nick Mangino

Noreen Dominguez

Noreen Drucker

Paul Sisko

Peggy Telgheder

Peter Cafaro

Petra Strickland

Raymond Worrall

Renate Kulnik

Renie Gaddi

Richard Manchur

Rita Carren

Rita Tesar

Tom White

Yisroel Spanier

Robert DeMair

Roberta Ducci

Roenzo Sangiorgi


Rosemary Panno

Ryan Chiusolo

Shari Summers

Sharon Hurwich

Stephen Hopkins

Steve Firth

Steven Horvitz

Steven Jackson

Sue Flaxman

Susan Hersh

Susan Holmberg

Teresita Antonsson

Terry Griffin

Terry Nguyen

Tim Nestler

Tom Rochford