2017 Year-in-Review Photo Submissions


Use Cluster to submit photos!

Lensmob is no longer functional, and the developer has abandoned it. Fortunately we have found Cluster (https://cluster.co). It is similar but with the added benefit of a smartphone app for both Android and Apple. This will allow you to upload photos and videos directly from your phone!


           BTCNJ Jocelyn Gertel  https://cluster.co/i/KG6DYH64
           BTCNJ Anniversary Party    https://cluster.co/i/ABKB38ZZ
           BTCNJ Cherry Blossom Ride  https://cluster.co/i/4SGY5LEX
           BTCNJ Flats and Mechanicals  https://cluster.co/i/4QNLB38P
           BTCNJ Picnic  https://cluster.co/i/L5BUTQJW
           BTCNJ Southern Vermont  https://cluster.co/i/9CG8C2Z2
           BTCNJ Great Barrington  https://cluster.co/i/KWCYAXHV
           BTCNJ French Creek Iron  https://cluster.co/i/YJGXN9RB
           BTCNJ Munsterland Germany  https://cluster.co/i/GS23XKQA
           BTCNJ RAGBRAI  https://cluster.co/i/RKCT39WL
           BTCNJ Lake George  https://cluster.co/i/E5KUU58H
           BTCNJ Ramapo Rally  https://cluster.co/i/YZN2BFRT
           BTCNJ Rhinebeck  https://cluster.co/i/P4J7D6NP
           BTCNJ Amagansett  https://cluster.co/i/AA7ZP3ZG
           BTCNJ Cape May  https://cluster.co/i/ABUMHRPT
           BTCNJ Thanksgiving Day Ride  https://cluster.co/i/FDMXKG5Q
           BTCNJ NJ & NY Fondo Rides  https://cluster.co/i/ET5HNLY4
           BTCNJ July 4th Rides  https://cluster.co/i/TRX73CYF
           BTCNJ 3-Club Ride  https://cluster.co/i/GE5WYH3T
           BTCNJ Every Day & Miscellaneous  https://cluster.co/i/WRMDCBD4