BTCNJ’s January Membership Meeting

Zoom Meeting: Thursday, January 14th

7:30PM – 9:00 PM


Join us to revisit our best riding moments of 2020 

You have waited all year long for this night.  You put in many miles and took many great pictures.  Now come and join us for our first virtual

Year in Review


Bring your own popcorn, candy, soda, wine, beer, etc. and enjoy!


Good things did happen in 2020 and here’s the proof!    

How To Join the Zoom meeting:  Sign into and click on the ZOOM icon in the left side navigation panel. Then click the ZOOM link for “January Membership Meeting”

Photo Submission deadline is December 31!!!.

Click on the Links below to add your photos to Cluster

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BTCNJ 2020 Tours-Key West

BTCNJ 2020 Tours-Amagansett

BTCNJ 2020 Anniversary Party

BTCNJ 2020 Ride Leaders

BTCNJ 2020 Mario Cuomo Bridge

BTCNJ 2020 Achievements

BTCNJ 2020 In Memoriam