Finding Your Way

A big reason to participate in rides like the Ramapo Rally is that the routes are marked.

The Rally primarily uses colored arrows painted on the road to guide riders but there are a few other forms of help.

12mi 25mi 50mi 62mi 100mi 125mi

Arrows painted on the road

The routes are marked with colored arrows painted, generally, near the right edge of the road. The arrows show you which way to turn.

There will usually be more than one arrow for each turn: one before the turn, one just before (at) the turn, and one after the turn. Once in a while (especially on long stretches without turns), there will an arrow pointing straight ahead to confirm you are on the right route.

Each route uses its own color (yellow for the 100mi, green for the 62mi, pink for the 50mi, orange for the 25mi, and purple for the 12mi). 

Due to local town ordinances, the first 31.4 miles of the 125 mile route will not have any road arrows or signs.  After the 30 mile rest stop, at mile 31.4 the 125 mile route will meet up and follow the 100 mile route.

It’s important to follow the arrows with the color for the route you are riding. When the different routes use the same road, you’ll see multiple arrows in different colors.


At times, there will be signs. There might be signs and no arrows (some towns don’t let us paint arrows).

Cue sheets

We also provide “cue sheets”, which are printed lists of the turns the route takes (the color of the paper matches the route arrow color). The information provided for each turn includes the direction, the street name, the mileage (the distance you’ve ridden), and the distance to the next turn. To use a cue sheet well, you generally need to follow along (look at) the cue sheet while you are riding. It’s helpful to have a cycle computer so that you can use how far you have ridden to figure out where on the cue sheet you are at.  Need Help Reading Cue Sheet?

GPS routes

GPS routes are provided and will be available 1 week before the rally.  You can download the routes to your Garmin unite or follow the routes with Ride With GPS (RWGPS) on your smart phone. You must have at least a free RWGPS “Starter” account.  BTCNJ Club members, when they activate their RWGPS club account, will also have turn by turn voice navigation.

Oops!!  – You got lost

No Problem. Set your smart phone to your intended rest stop and get back on course