Maintenance Clinic: Saturday, April 29

Happy Bike–Happy Rider

Want to be a happy rider? Then you will want to have a happy bicycle. To help make your bicycle happy, attend this year’s Maintenance Clinic where you will learn how to shine it up, and how to keep it running smoothly for the 2017 cycling season and beyond. Attend the clinic and you will be prepared for a tire going flat, a broken spoke, a skipping derailleur, or if your chain should break. Attending could mean the di erence between a long walk home following a mechanical disaster, or only experiencing the minor inconvenience of a roadside repair before getting back on your way.

Come to the Maintenance Clinic and learn how to care for your bike, and how to overcome a variety of mechanical misfortunes. I will try to de-mystify putting a tool to your bicycle. You’ll learn what to check before you ride, and what to carry with you when you ride. We will discuss repairs and maintenance, demonstrate using various tools, and make simple and routine adjustments to your bike.

Topics covered include what to do if your wheel develops a pronounced wobble, or if your rear derailleur should jam and twist into a piece of useless junk, and how to deal with other misfortunes while on the road. And yes, training on changing tires and fixing flats will be provided. This clinic is for both the mechanically challenged and those who are gifted.

The clinic will be held on Saturday, April 29, between 9:30 am and 2:30 pm at the Ridgewood Public Library. Registration fee is $15 payable on arrival. During the clinic, light refreshments will be served. A confirmed reservation is required. Seating is limited to 25. This event is waitlisted every year. To guarantee a spot,
do not delay making your reservation.

To reserve your place, contact Bob Reich at [email protected] or at 973-633-0493 after 7 pm calls accepted until 10 pm.