New Member Information

BTCNJ New Member Information

New Members: Please read and become familiar with our Guidelines for Group Riders. For your first few club rides, it is recommended to choose a ride one level down from where you think you fit in.  If it turns out too slow, move up one category at a time. Have a safe and enjoyable season!

Smile  Also check out our recommended First Aid Checklist for cyclists. Smile

Guidelines for Group Riders

  • Sign up for the ride on the website ahead of time. This will give the ride leader the opportunity to get in touch with you if there is a change of plans (weather, etc.)
  • Show up for the ride with a bike in good riding condition.
  • The use of headphones while riding your bicycle is not allowed.
  • Obey all traffic laws. Remember the law says a bicycle is a moving vehicle.
  • Signal your intentions. The ride leader will demonstrate hand signals before the ride.
  • Point to and/or call out dangerous obstacles in the road. (broken glass, wide grates, potholes, leaves, sand, branches, etc.)
  • Call out road hazards such as cars (“car up, car left, car right, car back”).
  • Don’t call out “clear,” at an intersection. What is clear for you may not be for those riders behind you.
  • Ride on the right side of the road. Single file
  • When passing another bicyclist, loudly announce, “passing on your left.” Don’t pass on the right.
  • Assume the route is straight ahead until a change of direction is indicated by the leader (followed by other riders) by using turn signals. Before moving left always look behind you.
  • Take the lane when there are parked cars in the street. Never ride within opening range of car doors.
  • When stopping as a group, be considerate of others. Don’t block sidewalks and intersections.
  • If the ride leader is too slow for you, you’re welcome to leave the ride. However by going ahead you have effectively left the ride.
  • Please notify the ride leader if you decide to leave the ride for any reason. Signed up riders are accounted for by the leader.
  • A club member who chronically and willfully disregards any of the above safety rules, and/or puts other club members in harm’s way will be asked by the President to leave the club.
  • Cyclists under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.
  • Non-members are expected to join the club after no more than one ride.
Quick Checklist Before Starting a Ride
  • Carry a spare tube, a mini pump, tire levers and a multi-purpose tool.
  • Learn how to change a flat tire. Check the tire pressure before each ride.
  • Inspect your tires frequently for small cuts or strange objects stuck on the rubber.
  • Check for loose parts on your bicycle (seatpost, handlebars, bottle cages, etc.).
  • Verify that your wheels are secured and the quick release levers (skewers) are properly tightened.
  • Bring a certified helmet (CPSC, ANSI, or SNELL) and frequently check for cracks on its surface and worn out straps.
  • Be prepared for weather changes. A foldable jacket, arm warmers or leg warmers may be useful on a long ride.
  • Always bring at least one full bottle with your favorite hydration.
  • Carry at least one of your favorite snacks.

Riders Please Note: Ride Leaders are VOLUNTEERS!

The Ride Leader lists the ride and the leader runs the ride. If you are complaining about a ride, chances are you do not belong on it. Drop down a ride category. If you do not know the area or how to get back to the start, do not choose a ride that designates “no cue sheet”.

If you want to challenge yourself to a faster ride at the end of the season ( B level and up) you are welcome to join but be aware the higher category riders are riding faster also. Learn to read a cue sheet backwards & go back if you cannot keep up with the ride. “Moving up” a ride category is best achieved early in the season.

If you hang behind the sweep or go ahead of the lead you have officially left the ride.