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4-Month BTCNJ Membership For

Non-BTCNJ Members Only

Your Ramapo Rally registration automatically entitles you to a special 4-month membership to BTCNJ that starts June 1, 2019.  In order to take full advantage of your special 4-month BTCNJ membership and be able to access all of BTCNJ’s web site features including the club rides you must email the information below to our Membership Chairperson.  Your 4-months special membership start date will then be reset to the date your request is received.


To request access to BTCNJ’s web site,  e-mail the following information to our

Membership Chairperson

You can copy and past the this table into your email and then fill in the required information.


First Name:  
Last Name:  
Zip Code:  
E-mail Address:  
Home Phone Number:  
Cell Phone Number:  
Emergency Contact Name:  
Emergency Contact Phone Number: