Ramapo Rally Volunteer Functions

Descriptions of Ramapo Rally Volunteer Functions


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Breakfast Table This position will be required for a few hours the morning of the Ramapo Rally. Usually from 6:00am to 10:00am
Checking Arrows The week before the Rally you will drive the rally routes with your car and check the placement of the route arrows and report any miss placed arrows or the need for additional signs.
Clean-up After a day at the Rally, things have to be taken down and returned to storage. A few hardy volunteers are needed then. Usually from  4:30pm – 6:30pm
Communications Prepare/disseminate  MasterLink articles, eLetters and eBlasts  communicating Ramapo Rally  information   to club members and past Ramapo Rally participants.  Distribute posters etc to bike shops.
Cue Sheet Table Hand-out cue sheet to Rally participants. This position usually closes by 11:00 the day of the Ramapo Rally.
Food Sorting – Distribution The “Food Sorting/Distribution” Volunteers will be needed for the Saturday before the rally and the morning of the Rally to sort & distribute the food & drinks for all the rest stops.  Saturday before the rally work consists of separating out the rest stop food and supplies that will be picked up on Sunday morning.  The Sunday morning of the rally the  group is needed very early the morning (time to be determined/confirmed by the position coordinator) to assist the rest stop volunteers in loading up their cars with the rest stop food and material. However, once done, you also have the option to ride the Rally.
Food Sorting – Receive This position is required at the end of the Rally to receive all food/drink leftovers from the rest stops. Some of the food leftovers will be donated to local charities (i.e. Table-to-Table, etc…). Usually starts around 3:00pm
Friday Volunteers The Friday Logistics group will be needed to do various errands picking-up the material from the storage locker and from various donation centers. Usually starts at 10:00am
Graphics Design This position requires knowledge of graphic design and will be responsible for designing and printing of the Brochures, Flyers, Posters, Banners and Signs
Insurance/Town Liaison/Permits Coordinates with Campgaw Mountain Reservation, towns, police departments etc in order to and obtain permits for the rest stops, coordinate the use of the towns roads, road closures etc.
Lunch/On site Arrange for the on-site  catering to provide lunch, drinks etc to the riders
Marketplace Set-up Set up the Market Place at Campgaw on the Saturday before the event.
Merchandise This helps promote the club and sell BTCNJ-related material.
On-Site Registration This is to confirm that the riders’ credentials are in order.It will process all those eager riders the morning of the Rally and off they will go.
Parking You won’t be the “valet,” but we need to manage the flow of drivers coming for the Rally. Usually from 6:00am to 10:00am
Photography Take pictures before and during the rally and put together a media presentation
Port-a-John Liaison Arrange for the Port-a-Johns at the rest stops
Publicity Publicize the Ramapo Rally. Arrange to set up information at various bike shops, sporting good stores. other rally or sporting events,  etc.
Ramapo Rally Coordinator/Chairperson Coordinate and pull together all of the functions required for the Ramapo Rally
Ramapo Rally Co-leader Assist the Ramapo Rally Chairperson
Recycling Some of the stuff we dispose of at the Rally site may need to be recycled.  Volunteer will be responsible for insuring that the recycling garbage  cans and signage are in place and assist the riders in using the correct garbage cans.
Rest Stop Help Those cyclists need to be well fed during their challenge.The rest stops will take care of that.  Time varies depending on which rest stop you are working at.
Ride Leaders There will be lead rides at the rally for the 25 and 12 mile routes.
Ride Marshals The ride marshal  enhance the SAG functions. He/she will ride the routes and be on the look-out for riders needing help.
Road Arrow The road arrow either painted or stick are required to be in place prior to the weekend before the rally.  Some additional or correction arrows may have to be placed during the week leading up to the rally.  Day/time will be confirmed by the coordinator responsible for this function.
Routes and Cue sheet design/development This position requires knowledge of Ride with GPS and will require the developing or revising of the routes and generating/preparing the routes cue sheets.
S.A.G. (Service & Gear) Think of it as the “AAA” equivalent of cycling. Cyclists need help on the road, we have their back.  SAG drivers will also close down the bike routes at the end of the day to insure that no rider is left out on the course.  While closing down the courses SAG will also pick up the road signs.  Those offering their SAG services will be reimbursed for gas. Best way to gauge it is fill up your tank before the Rally – fill it up again at day’s end (that last receipt will be your gas expense).
Saturday Volunteers (Logistics) Similar to the Friday group, once all is brought to Campgaw Mountain in Mahwah (NJ), it needs to be set-up and arranged. Usually starts at 10:00am
Signage Signage is the complement function of arrow painting and is done the Saturday before the rally.  It is needed where the road arrows may not be sufficient to avoid any confusions or where there are road conditions we want to advise the rides of.
Sponsorship Solicit donations from various organization – The more donations we can get the less we have to buy
Volunteer Party Host Coordinate and arrange for the volunteer party
Volunteer Recruitment Help to enlist volunteers.
Welcome Group – 11 to 1 This is the “Cheers” group waiving a welcome to all those returning Rally riders from 11:00 to 1:00
Welcome Group – 1 to 3 This is the “Cheers” group waiving a welcome to all those returning Rally riders from 1:00 to 3:00

Depending on how the Ramapo Rally is set up all or some of these functions will be required


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