Registration Instructions

BTCNJ Members Registration Instruction


  1. Click on the “Registration Form” button below.  If you are not logged into BTCNJ you will be taken to the Member Sign-In  page first.  After logging in you will be taken to the Registration Form.
  2. Revise as needed and fill in all the blank fields.  When done click on NEXT at the bottom of the page.
  3. Review your information.  If you have to make any changes click on “Go Back” Button.  Otherwise click on the “PayPal” button
  4. To pay click on either “Pay with PayPal”  or “Pay with Debit or Credit Card.
  5. You must complete the payment phase of the process in order to be registered for the Ramapo Rally.
  6. In order to get your payment receipt you must enter your email address.
  7. After your payment is processed you will see a quick confirmation from PayPal and then you will  be returned to the BTCNJ web page and see:
    • Thank you for your Ramapo Rally payment
    • Your transaction id is: XXXX……………XXXX
  8.  Paying either by PayPal or Credit Card you will be emailed a receipt from BTCNJ and PayPal.  If you do not receive these receipts then your payment probably did not process. 
  9. If you do not pre-register either before June 30th, to receive the discount, or August 12th you will be charged  $70 the day of the Ramapo Rally