Ride Leader Information

Ride Leader Information

If you are thinking about volunteering to be a Ride Leader, contact one of the Ride Lieutenants listed at the bottom of the Ride Categories page, or the Rides Chair, who can authorize you to use the Ride Leader Functions.

Ride Level Coordinator Description
A* A* Ride Lieutenant Average speed 19+ mph – For strong, experienced cyclists. Should be prepared to ride Single and Double Paceline.  Be able to work together with other riders as one cohesive group.  Stops every 30+ miles.
A A Ride Lieutenant Average speed 17 – 18.9 mph –  average speed on flats 19.0 – 21.0 mph. On Flat Rides, the average speed can be closer to the average flat range than overall average. For strong/experienced cyclists. Stops every 30+ miles.
B* B* Ride Lieutenant Average speed 15.0 – 16.9 mph – average speed on flats 17.0 – 19.0 mph. On Flat Rides, the average speed can be closer to the average flat range than overall average.  For Strong cyclists. Stops every 20 – 25 miles
B B Ride Lieutenant Average speed 13.0 – 14.9 mph – average speed on flats 15.0 – 17.0 mph. On Flat Rides, the average speed can be closer to the average flat range than overall average. For solid cyclists. Stops every 15 – 20 miles.
C* C* Ride Lieutenant Average speed 11.0 -12.9 mph, average speed on flats 13 – 14 mph. Terrain at the discretion of ride leader but can include some challenging hills in addition to flats and rollers. Ride leader regroups as necessary. Ride length typically between 30-40 miles.
C C Ride Lieutenant Average speed 9.0 -10.9 mph, average speed on flats 11 – 12 mph. Generally rolling terrain. Some modest/moderate hills may be included at the discretion of the ride leader. Ride leader regroups as necessary. Ride length typically about 30 miles.
D D Ride Lieutenant Average speed under 9 mph, average speed on flats 10 mph. Generally flat and rolling terrain. Ride leader provides encouragement and regroups as necessary. Ride length typically <30 miles.
F D Ride Lieutenant For families. Pace and stops will vary.
MTB – B M Ride Lieutenant Challenging, commonly rocky, trail surfaces. Primarily single track with many and varied obstacles. Extended ascents/descents.
MTB – C M Ride Lieutenant An uneven trail surface with minimal trail obstacles and gradual, moderate climbing. Some singe track.
MTB – D M Ride Lieutenant Wide trails with a flat, obstruction free riding surface and little change in elevation.

What’s involved?

Ride leaders plan and lead rides. You can choose a ride to lead from the Cue Sheet library or you can write your own. For more info, take a look at the Ride Leader guidelines.

Forms and Information for Ride Leaders

All Ride Leaders are asked to become familiar with the following documents:.

Ride Leader Guidelines (pdf)
Adding and Closing Rides (pdf)
Guidelines for Group Rides (pdf)
First Aid Prep for a Ride (pdf)
  Accident Report Form (pdf)
Release Form (blank sign-in sheet – pdf)

Cue Sheets for Ride Leaders

The club has an excellent library of cue sheets available online (you must be a club member to access the cue sheet library).

Procedures for rides

Ride leaders are responsible for bringing these essential forms to each ride they lead: the Release Form (sign-in sheet), the Minor Release Form and the Accident Report Form.

Ride leaders must insure that every rider has read and signed the release waiver prior to starting the ride. Ride leaders can obtain additional forms by downloading the pdf files (above) and printing them out on their home computer, or by request from Rides Chair.

In the event of an accident, ride leaders must complete the Accident Report Form and mail it to Keith Schlanger, Rides Captain, as soon as is possible. Keith keeps a record of the forms and also submits them to our insurance company.

All completed sign-up sheets should be sent to Incentives. The address is posted on the bottom of all sign-up sheets.

Ride leader incentive points

In addition to that warm fuzzy feeling you’ll get after leading a ride, the club also offers material incentives (see table below).

Points For what?
10 Executive Board for one Year
10 Lead a Week long tour (2 Tour Leaders max)
10 Incentives Chair
10 Ride Lieutenant
6 Lead a Weekend Tour (2 Tour Leaders max)
2 Lead one  F, MB, MC or MD category ride
1 Lead a ride for the Ramapo Rally
1 Lead one ride (A, B*, B, C*, C or D categories)

All sign in sheets must be sent to the Rides Captain for credit.

2017 Ride Leader Award Scale

Range of Points Award
8 to 11 BTCNJ merchandise (excluding BTCNJ jerseys)
12 to 23 Receive Ride Leader Jersey or One Year Membership
24 to 35 Pick Two of the Three: Ride Leader Jersey or One Year Membership or Free Entry to Ramapo Rally
36 or more Receive Ride Leader Jersey with matching Bib or Shorts