Ride Overview

The Rally offers six different rides

12mi 25mi 50mi 62mi 100mi 125mi *

The 100 mile ride is also called a “century” or an “imperial century“. The 62 mile ride is called a “metric century” (because it’s 100 kilometers). The 125 mile route is called a “double metric“.

These longer rides are important milestones for many riders. Organized events, like the Ramapo Rally, make these long rides easier to do because you don’t have to worry about finding your way or getting food.

Of course, the Rally isn’t all about the longer rides. We pride ourselves on providing safe, fun and exciting rides for riders of all abilities.

125mi *

Important:  There are no arrows or signage for the first 31.4 miles. The 125 mile riders are expected to use GPS navigation or cue sheet for the first 31.4 miles. After 31.4 miles, the 125 route follows the 100 route (which has yellow arrows).

The Rally routes were revised by our Rally team. We tweaked them a little while still keeping them safe and scenic. There will be scheduled led group rides for the 12-mile and 25-mile routes.

The 125, 100, 62, and 50-mile routes will have BTCNJ marshals riding the routes to provide assistance to riders. The 100, 62, 50, 25 and 15 mile routes are marked with arrows and signs. Due to local town ordinances, the first 31.4 miles of the 125 mile route will not have any road arrows or signs.  After the 30 mile rest stop, at mile 31.4 the 125 mile route will meet up and follow the 100 mile route.

Due to changes in road conditions, road construction, or closures, etc, last-minute changes may be needed to some of the routes. Make sure that you have the latest cue sheets and GPS files.

Check this site periodically for additional information such as route information, ride schedules, and GPS files. The GPS files will be available 1 week before the event.