Ride Info

The Ramapo Rally Offers 6 Different Rides: 12 miles, 25 miles, 50 miles, 62 miles, and 100 miles

The Rally routes were revised by our Rally team. We tweaked them a little while still keeping them safe and scenic. There will be scheduled led group rides for the 12-mile and 25-mile routes.  The 100-, 125-, 62-, and 50-mile routes will have BTCNJ marshals riding the routes and assisting participants.  All routes are marked with arrows and signs. Due to changes in road conditions, road construction, or closures, etc, last-minute changes may be needed to some of the routes. Make sure that you have to latest cue sheets and GPS files.

Check back at this site periodically for additional information such as route information, ride schedules, and GPS files. The GPS files will be available 1 week before the event.

Route Descriptions 

12-mile route is a ride on quiet streets with rolling hills and is ideal for families with small children, has 1 rest stop with food, hydration, and a bike mechanic. TERRAIN: Rolling to Flat, 461 ft elevation gain.

25-mile route is a rolling-hills ride that mostly covers quiet neighborhood streets from Mahwah to Franklin Lakes has  1 rest stop with food, hydration, and a bike mechanic.  TERRAIN: Rolling to Moderate Hilly, 1053 ft elevation gain.

50-mile route is rolling has  3 rest stops with food, hydration, and bike mechanics. TERRAIN: Rolling, 1771 ft elevation gain.

62-mile route is moderately hilly has 3 rest stops with food, hydration, and bike mechanics. This route takes you through Denville, Kinnelon, Boonton, and Montville.  TERRAIN: Rolling to Moderately Hilly, 2919 ft elevation gain. 

100-mile (century) is a hilly and demanding ride has 4 rest stops with food, hydration, and bike mechanics. It is challenging, and please do not make this your first century ride. TERRAIN: Hilly to Moderately Hilly, 5025 ft elevation gain

Suggested Starting Times

All participants will be able to start their rides at the time of their convenience as long as they can make it back to the start site by 4:30 pm.

  We strongly suggest following the schedule. All riders should plan on returning to the start site by 4:00 pm.

7:00am100 MileYellow14+ MPH
8:00am62 MileGreen13+ MPH
8:30am50 MilePink 11+ MPH
9:00am25 Mile C*paceOrange 11 – 13 MPH
9:15am25 Mile C&D paceOrange 11 -13 MPH
9:30am12 MilePurple 8 – 11 MPH

All 100 mile riders are required to be on the road before 8 am.

All 62 mile riders are required to be on the road before 9 am.

All 50 mile riders are required to be on the road before 10:30 am.


Group Rides

  • The 12- and 25-mile routes will have official BTCNJ Ride Leaders. The groups will leave from the upper parking lot area at the times listed above. When you check in, you can get further information about when and where the BTCNJ Ride Leader groups will be leaving. Be sure to get there at least 15 minutes before the departure time.
  • Participants who are uneasy following a cue sheet are suggested to ride with the group and follow the Leaders.
  • The 50-, 62-, 100-, and 125-mile routes will have BTCNJ marshals riding the routes and assisting participants, but they will not officially leading any groups.
  • Participants may ride alongside BTCNJ marshals, but they are encouraged to ride at their own pace and manage rest stop times at their preference.

Route Short Cuts

In case you cannot or do not want to complete the entire route, here are some Short Cuts to avoid some of the miles or hills. These short cuts are not marked with road arrows but are very easy to follow.

Short Cuts



GPS Navigation

Since there may be last minute changes to the routes due to road construction or closures, the URL links (at rwgps.com) will only become available to the public 1 week before the Ramapo Rally.

100 Miles – YELLOW

62 Miles – GREEN

50 Miles – PINK

25 Miles – ORANGE

12 Miles – PURPLE

For information on how to download and install the files to your Garmin unit or how to use the Ride with GPS mobile app, visit the Ride with GPS Help page.


  • To use the Ride with GPS app on your smart device you must have already signed up for a Basic or Premium account.
  • BTCNJ members are entitled to use BTCNJ’s Club Account for these routes and will be able to get voice turn by turn navigation.


Approximate Rest Stop Mile Markers



Kinnelon Denville

Pompton Lakes

100-Mile Route

  26 47 and 67


62-Mile Route   20 32


50-Mile Route


24 and 41

25-Mile Route



12-Mile Route


All miles listed are approximate.

Rest Stops

Town Address Hours of operation

Eric Smith School
73 Monroe Street, Ramsey, NJ
Used by 50mi, 25mi, and 12mi routes outbound and 125mi route inbound.

9:00am – 11:30am
1:00pm – 2:45pm

Kinnelon Kinnelon Borough Hall
130 Kinnelon Road, Kinnelon, NJ
Used by 125mi, 100mi, and 62mi routes outbound.
8:00am – 12:00pm

Gardner Field
32 Savage Road, Denville, NJ

Used by 125mi, 100mi outbond & inbound, and 62mi route outbound.

9:30am – 2:30pm

Pompton Lakes

Hershfield Park
17 Hershfield Park Place, Pompton Lakes, NJ
Used by 125mi, 100mi, and 62mi routes outbound and 50mi route outbound and inbound.

10:00am – 4:00pm


Campgaw Lodge
200 Campgaw Road, Mahwah, NJ


Even though the routes are marked with arrows and additional signage at some intersections, there is always a chance that you may make a wrong turn. The above addresses with hyperlinks can be used get back on your intended route. Make sure that you set your smartphone’s navigational app to Bike or Walk mode. All riders are advised to keep this information handy.