RWGPS/Garmin 101

The ZOOM presentation is a thing of the past. However, it was record. If your interested in listening to the presentation, grab your drink and popcorn and go to:

Access Password: 7V%.YV2V


With easy and affordable current technology, as useful as the older cue sheets and mileage logs  that we have all grown up with, it’s time to move forward and use this technology to help us to record and navigate our bike routes.  In addition to the   RWGPS – Garmin Presentation video I’m also including some videos route planning with RWGPS.  Keep in mind that you probably have a newer version of RWGPS so the functions locations may be different than shown on these videos.

Shorter Video:                        

Longer Video:          


As a follow up from April’s Garmin presentation we are planning on having a Ride with GPS (RWGPS) / Garmin Special Club Zoom Event.  This introductory tutorial will cover the basics of how to use your smart phones or Garmin units for navigation.

  • Route Planning
  • Accessing the club routes in BTCNJ’s RWGPS account
  • Printing out of RWGPS cue sheets
  • Using your smart phone for navigating a club ride’s route
  • Downloading and installing the route files to your Garmin Unit.
  • How to use your Garmin for navigation
  • Automatic Sync Garmin Unit to your RWGPS account

If time allows and there is any interest – We will also cover:

  • How to create a route from a ride.
  • How to change the Garmin Display to suite your needs

For Zoom Meeting Information.

Sign into BTCNJ

Then Click on Zoom Icon (Left side of screen) –  Then Click on the Zoom Link

Presented by: Renie