SAG Support

SAG (Support and Gear) Support

The Ramapo Rally provides roving SAG support.   Everyone is expected to carry at least one spare tube, tools to fix a flat tire and the knowledge of how to fix a flat tire.  Or rsag2ide with a buddy that can.  If you are having difficulties fixing your flat or other issues you cannot manage by yourself,  it’s likely that a fellow rider may be able to help (ask nicely!).    If you have a mechanical problem or other issues you cannot manage by yourself you can wait for or call for SAG support.   Upon receiving a call for support, a SAG vehicle will be routed to your location.    The SAG support may not be able to fix your problem but will provide assistance in getting you to either a rest stop where there will be mechanics on hand or get you back to Campgaw.  Keep in mind that you might have to wait a while for SAG help.



Note:   SAG support is not for medical emergencies.   If you have a medical emergency, contact EMS/911.


In the event that you do need SAG assistance:accident


  • Move yourself and your bike to a safe area.
  • Take note of the nearest: House Number, Street Name and Town, then call the SAG support number for assistance.
  • The SAG support telephone number will be on the cue sheets given out for each ride (be sure to take one!).