Volunteer For The Ramapo Rally

Volunteer For The Ramapo Rally


Did you know that there are 30 Ramapo Rally positions requiring  150 to 175 volunteers to work with the team leaders, making sure that the BTCNJ’s 2018 Ramapo Rally on Sunday on August 19th works like a smooth-oiled bicycle.   The amazing thing is that it has worked for the last 40 years. Why?  Simple. This is an amazing club.

It may seem a bit early to think about an event that takes place in August.  Trust me.  We need to get ready now.  Here is a sample of the positions that requiring volunteers.

  • Arrow Placement- This is the most important job. The routes arrows need to be placed at all the turns along the routes.
  • Early Morning Food- Sorting and distribution to rest stops
  • Food Donations/Food Pick-Up
  • Parking
  • Registration check-in
  • Rest Stops
  • SAG Drivers
  • Signage Placement/Retrieval
  • Site Clean Up



Descriptions of Ramapo Rally Volunteer Functions

I’m sure there is a position just right for you.

Sign up for any of these exciting and fun teams at   SignUp.




If you have any questions contact either Renie Gaddi  or Alain Chahine

–Renie Gaddi, Ramapo Rally Chair